Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the stupidest things i ever did

tah setan mane tah rasuk aku nk call dia ni. i never know it was so hard to make friend.coz all these while i nvr thought of doing such crazy thing.niat baik aku mungkin di salah anggap. and yeah maybe it's just not the right time.yup, i'm a bit frust but i understood,coz i myself penah gak buat bende mcm tu bile org nk kenal.well u know, we sometimes judge ppl from outside without giving a chance for them to befriend with us.. wake up! any comment??


leaving on a jet plane..

Bon voyage.. i'm off to Miri.bye2 friends..mcm2 perasaan aku rasa skang nih.excited,risau,tak sbr nk baring ats katil aku, n lots more. boringgg dlm 'belon' nih..argh its gettin cold in here. damn! i forgot to bring my mp3 player. sblh kanan aku minah cina mane tah, sblh kiri plak budak kecik.takde chance nk cuci mata.haha! can't wait to see my friends..lepak2, hangout..miss u guys so much!! n i can't wait to go to Miri International Jazz Festival on dis coming friday. hey guys,niesa's back! i'm back for good!!